Simple Lemon Herb Chicken

"This is a simple, quick and delicious dish. All you need are a few spices and, of course, the chicken! The amount of spices are completely up to you. You can add more or less according to your taste. Enjoy!"

by Carolyn Stilwell

          25 mins            2 servings            212 cals
   . 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

         Chicken Breasts Regular
         1 lb For $6.99 - Expires in 5 days
    . 1 lemon
    . salt and pepper to taste
    . 1 tablespoon olive oil
          Colavita Olive Oil Extra Virgin
          $9.99 - Expires in 5 days
    . 1 pinch dried oregano
    . 2 sprigs fresh parsley, for garnish


    Prep  10 m ins       Cook    15 mins    Ready In 25 mins

  1. Cut lemon in half, and squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon on chicken. Season with salt to taste. Let sit while you heat oil in a small skillet over medium low heat.

  2. When oil is hot, put chicken in skillet. As you saute chicken, add juice from other 1/2 lemon, pepper to taste, and oregano. Saute for 5 to 10 minutes each side, or until juices run clear. Serve with parsley for garnish.

Source: allrecipes.

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